Our transporter looks like most other trailers on the outside, but it's the interior that we believe sets us apart.

The top level is made up of three separate, solid decks which minimize leaks and damage to the vehicles that are loaded onto the bottom level.

Every spot, from front to back, is equipped with the same securement features so that a motorcycle can be loaded and safely strapped down anywhere in the trailer. This is important so that the trailer can be loaded in any order with a variety of vehicles in a way that they do not have to be moved during transport. There are some exceptions to this rule because of the variety of shapes and sizes of autos that we transport. We really try to keep movement to a minimum once loaded.

While some trailers this size have the capacity to carry seven cars, we choose to carry a maximum of six. This allows the vehicles to travel as flat as possible instead of being loaded at different angles.

DR Motorsports maintains $1,000,000 of cargo insurance.

S5 Box